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7 Apr

Vishnu Food Offering – Which Food Should Be Offered to Lord Vishnu as Prasad?

Each Hindu God and Goddesses like a particular kind of food. Devotees offer that particular food as Bhog, or Prasad, to get the blessing of the deity. So which food should be offered to Lord Vishnu as Bhog or Prasad.

A person seeking the blessing of Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu, should offer yellow color food. The best offering is jaggery, yellow color dal (yellow color lentil), and Ladoo. Another offering is milk mixed with kesar.

The best day to make food offering to Lord Vishnu is Thursday.

The food should be offered during morning or evening puja and should be taken away when the puja is completed. It should be then distributed as Prasad among family members, relatives, friends and neighbors.

It is believed that those people who make food offering to Lord Vishnu will not face problems in life. There will be no delay in different aspects of life.

It is highly auspicious to make food donation of the same food items. 

7 Apr

Significance of Yellow colour on Janmashtami

Why is yellow color always associated with Lord Krishna Janmashtami- following are few reasons:
Firstly in Shrimad Bhagwat it is mentioned in every description of divine Lord Krishna, the Yellow color pitambar is always described to be as bright as the rising sun.

Secondly as we hear yellow it reminds of warmth, spring or brightness full of cheer similar smile runs on face as you meditate about Sri Krishna or Shri LadooGopal. Thirdly the aura of Divinity glows as yellow and the flame of Bhakti in our hearts is bright as yellow thus yellow color connects us to divine naturally

3 Apr

Significance of Krishna Jhula on Janmashtami

Krishna Jhulas or swing is especially important and the silver plated jhula or swing depicts this beauty very beautifully. It is believed the base of jhula is the body and the base where Lord resides is the soul. The four strings that are attached to base depict faith, truth, purity and prayers. The handle on which the strings hang is Devotional feelings or Krishna Bhakti for Divine and the string by which the jhula moves is the selfless love for Lord Krishna that devotee possess which connects Lord and the devotee.

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3 Apr

The Auspicious Tulsi

Every herb, fauna and flora gifted to us by mother earth has its own significance and reason behind its existence. The auspicious herb Tulsi or Basil has proved its great importance in Hindu Mythology and scientifically. Tulsi is also called Brinda thus some saints call Vrindavan the ‘Groves of Tulsi’ and as Sri Krishna loves Tulsi people form garlands and offer bhog with garnish of Tulsi. In home alters placing Tulsi Plant near Lord Shri Sitaram, Sri Laxmi Narayan or Sri Radhakrishnan or Sri Salagrama or Sri Jagganath or any avatar of Shri Vishnu bestows blissful prosperity and peace to every soul living or worshiping them. Now a day we cannot grow tulsi in every place due to climate and space restrictions. Silver is the purest metal considered in Vedas and can be easily used in worshiping Lords without any hesitation.