Vishnu Food Offering – Which Food Should Be Offered to Lord Vishnu as Prasad?

7 Apr

Each Hindu God and Goddesses like a particular kind of food. Devotees offer that particular food as Bhog, or Prasad, to get the blessing of the deity. So which food should be offered to Lord Vishnu as Bhog or Prasad.

A person seeking the blessing of Bhagavan Srihari Vishnu, should offer yellow color food. The best offering is jaggery, yellow color dal (yellow color lentil), and Ladoo. Another offering is milk mixed with kesar.

The best day to make food offering to Lord Vishnu is Thursday.

The food should be offered during morning or evening puja and should be taken away when the puja is completed. It should be then distributed as Prasad among family members, relatives, friends and neighbors.

It is believed that those people who make food offering to Lord Vishnu will not face problems in life. There will be no delay in different aspects of life.

It is highly auspicious to make food donation of the same food items. 

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